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Solid Unscented Carrier Oil Stick – Absorbs Essential Oils 80% More with No Mess

Just about the time you thought you were down for the count, stressed out, exhausted and achy you think to yourself, “Ahh, there’s that smell.” Immediately your focus changes and your grasp on well-being gets a little tighter. Why? Because those whiffs are filled with the oils extracted from flowers, seeds, leaves, roots, fruit and twigs. They’re essential oils and they have superpowers that pack a wallop for the senses. When they’re massaged into the skin they enhance your mood with relaxation and stress relief. Those posy oils can even give a jolt to your immune system. But believe it or not even they need a little help.
Essential oils need a go-between. They need a carrier oil, and a good one. Carrier oil makes sure the essential oils you love won’t “flash” off your skin without being absorbed. Up until now liquid carrier oils have been incredibly messy because they spill. And their greasy texture can ruin your clothes and make you feel…well, greasy.
Thank goodness the tide h