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Bheema 20PCS Garden Asparagus Seed Organic Vegetable Seeds

Seed Quality: Purity: 95% Clarity: 96% Seeds germination percentage: 90% Water content: 8% Seed life: 2 years  Quantity: 20 pcs Grow Instructions: 1.Soak the seeds with warm water for 2~3 days, When the skin of the seeds become gray and appear small grooves, change to the warm water, after 50% of seed has germinated, trenching and sowing with single seed. 2.Prepare the soil the fall before planting by working in well-rotted manure or compost. Till the top 10 inches of soil and work in the organic matter. Asparagus likes a well-draining, sandy soil so add sand if the soil is too clay-like. 3.Plant asparagus seeds 1/2 inch deep and 2 inches apart when temperatures reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit and all chance of frost has passed. The asparagus are planted closely together the first year to encourage the growth of “stands,” which are asparagus bases. 4.Water the asparagus regularly and do not allow them to dry out during the first year. Daily water will be necessary in dry climates. 5.Repla