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Bheema 100PCS Chinese Cabbage Seeds Garden Organic Vegetable Seed

1. Cabbage is rich in crude fiber, not only can play the role of protecting intestines, promoting detoxification and stimulating the gastrointestinal peristalsis, promoting the stool excretion, helping digestion function. 2. Chinese cabbage has good effect to prevent colon cancer. 3. It is very dry in autumn and winter season,and the cold wind has a greatly damage to people’s skin.Cabbage contains rich vitamin C, vitamin E, eat cabbage, can have very good skin care and beauty effect. 4. The New York institute of hormones, scientists have found China and Japan was much lower incidence of breast cancer than western women, is because they often eat cabbage. 5. There are some trace elements in Chinese cabbage, they can help decomposition the estrogen associated with breast cancer.   Sowing And Growing: Name: Chinese cabbage Sowing temperature: 23?-24? Growing temperature: 15?-35? Grow up days: 80 days  Plant varieties: Cabbage   Package Included: 100 pcs X Chinese cabbage seed   Notice